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Love is An All or None Thing

help me, i'm drrrrruuunnk

9 August 1986
I'm the queen of bored. I live in bored and rule it with my brains and heart. Because I'm bored.

I dunno what to put here. Maybe I'll make it better later. I'm bored. Ha!

Will insert interesting things later. Or not. Never can tell. Sometimes it just be's that way.
air freshners, all guys haha, attention, autumn, badmiton, balls, beatles, being me, being naughty, being the sexor, being weird, belle and sebastian, bisexual, board games, books, boys, breezy days, bubble baths, candles, cartwheels, cashews, catscratch, climbing trees, comforters, contentedness, covers, cucumbers, dancing, decorating, diaries, dirty guys, doodling, dorks, dressing up, excercise, family guy, fantasies, feeling special, figurines, flirting, flowers, free love, friends, frogs, fun, geeks, gel bracelets, ghost world, gifts, glow in the dark, going lalala, goofing off, gumballs, hanging out, hi there, holidays, hot chocolate, ice cream, im a dork, incense, internet, kittens, lavalamps, learning stuff, learning to cook, lemonade, limited too, magazines, making stuff, men, milkshakes, movies, music, my fingers, naughtiness, necklaces, new stuff, nice guys, night, nirvana, notebooks, occasional cigs, oldies, oriental stuff, patterns, peaches, peni, perfume, pizza, plaid, popcorn balls, popscicles, porno, posters, pretty lights, puppies, rainy days, raisen bran, reading, rice crispies, riding around, rock n roll, running, satin, secrets, sherbert, shopping, sidewalks, snacking, sofas, spongebob squarepants, spring, star wars, stars, stickers, straws, summer, sweets, swings, taco bell, tarot, techno, the 60s, the beatles, the doors, the foo fighters, the mall, the woods, tickles, tori amos, trampolines, trees, tv, walking outdoors, water balloons, what nots, winter, women, writing, yakking, yawning, yay, yin yang