zipperzoomer (zipperzoomer) wrote,

Cig ash crashes into my soul

Weekend at last! And I'm going to do Nothing like the guy in Office Space. Oh how I've longed for doing Nothing.

In my spare time it seems like I'm going to have to go around and say hello to the people I added here last week because hardly anyone is adding me back. Maybe they don't see me? I'll try. I am going to surf communities more to look for even more people I think.

Also with the Nothing I have a bunch of old old old old movies to watch, and I need to try and rescue the plant I have in my room during the winter when it's not growing and I can work on it. I have a brown thumb, and brown toes. Actually, I'm just brown. But that's b/c my mom is Latino. Even though I'm very much basic Americano. Northern California borned and raised, in the monkeybars is where I spent most of my days. Then I got one little EPT and my mom got scared. So I stayed in my room and went on the pill. Fresh Zipperzoomer of Nevada City. What up my brownies?

Speaking of which I should make MJ Brownies this weekend as well. Which go well with figs.

My feet hurt. Cuz I walked too much this week. I got a new shirt that's very hippie though I don't think it was meant to be. I should take a pic of it and post it soon. I need to get back into using my camera more. I take a lotta pics, mostly nature or the city, but I never upload them. I rarely do Me but I should more often if I'm gonna use this thing more because it seems like people online like to see who they are talking at sometimes.
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